Learn what your support for our off the scales campaign has achieved for chickens!

Our Off the Scales campaign has achieved big change for chickens, all thanks to the help of our wonderful supporters!

Here’s what your actions and donations achieved for chickens…

HUNDREDS of consumers reached on tour!

A massive thank you to the activists who helped out on our Prisoners In Their Own Bodies tour! Through our outreach in Oxford, Reading, Swindon and Southampton, hundreds of consumers have been made aware that the suffering of chickens is Off the Scales…

NEW leaflets given out across South England

Our new Off the Scales A5 fold-out leaflets have been handed out to 2,000 curious members of the public!

Covering such a broad range of issues caused by the largest sector of animal agriculture, they are designed to cover consumers’ concerns. They break down the harmful consequences that exploiting chickens has on animals, our environment and public health.

Whether these readers consider themselves animal lovers, environmentalists or health advocates, they will have discovered that the only ethical and sustainable way to live is to stop supporting animal agriculture! You can still raise awareness about the detrimental effects the chicken exploitation industry has on us by distributing them yourselves. Order them here for local outreach or door-dropping!

10kg of vegan chick'n sampled by non-vegans!

Yes, you read that right… we handed out 10kg of vegan samples on our Prisoners in their Own Bodies tour! After assembling hundreds of fun vegan popcorn chick’n skewers with food kindly donated by Fry Family Food Co, we convinced members of the public that you don’t have to miss out when you opt for the plant-based option.

These went down a treat, with consumers left wondering why anyone would ever choose to eat food which contributes to violence, when yummy and accessible alternatives exist in our supermarkets…

Consumers empathised with chickens' suffering

Rolling out our new ‘Empathy Challenge’ on tour gave people the opportunity to experience a fraction of the misery felt by exploited chickens. Trying on 73kg worth of weighted clothing, equivalent to a third of the weight chickens are selected to put on in their short lives, consumers were faced with the reality that chickens are Prisoners in their Own Bodies who struggle to even move with their excessive size.

Members of the public could not believe it when we told them that if humans grew at the same rate as chickens, we would reach 300kg!

429,000 non-vegans reached by our YouTube advert and video!

Our very first YouTube advert, funded by our generous donors, has reached over 429,000 non-vegan viewers. Aiming to encourage consumers to become vegan for animals, our planet and public health, it's likely to have had a big impact for animals. If even 1% of our advert’s viewers decided to boycott animal agriculture, it would mean 4,000 less individuals are funding the industry!

Thank you to everyone who shared our Off the Scales video with friends and family, as well. Persuading others to leave animals off their plate is one of the biggest ways we can reduce society’s demand for animal products, and save lives...

Almost 2,000 people have acted against IPUs

1,910 people have sent our pre-written letter urging East Lindsey District Council to pledge not to grant permission for the construction of any more Intensive Poultry Units (IPUs) in their district! We're determined to keep the pressure on and will continue to work towards real change. When our demand is heard:

  • Millions of chickens will be spared miserable lives crammed into sheds in flocks of over 40,000 birds
  • Free-living birds will be protected from the spread of bird flu
  • Pollution from IPUs will be reduced
  • Pandemic outbreaks could be prevented

Councils must consider the safety of their residents and the biodiversity of their environment when making planning decisions.Encourage East Lindsey District Council to do the right thing, by sending our pre-written letter today!

Will you fund our next campaign?

We need to make sure consumers are educated about the power their spending habits hold, and encouraged to make choices that do not cause harm to anyone.

Please consider donating towards more awareness campaigns like Off the Scales. It is so important that we challenge the deceptive marketing put out by industries that exploit animals. Thank you to everyone who has already helped to make our campaigns a reality. We promise to do our all to always achieve the biggest impact for animals with your donations!

Your support means everything to the exploited animals

Thank you so much for your support for our Off the Scales campaign. Each and every action you have taken for chickens have added up to make a huge difference. With determination, we can achieve a society where animals exploitation is a thing of the past!

As always, for the animals

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