Where your donations go

Your donations fund our campaign and investigations. This includes buying the equipment the investigators need, producing campaign materials, and helping us to reach new supporters. All of our work helps to strengthen our campaigns and grow our movement of people dedicated to ending animal exploitation.

You are helping Animal Justice Project create positive change. Our work helps to open and change peoples’ hearts and minds, alleviating suffering for millions of animals trapped on farms across the UK. Animal Justice Project does not receive any government funding and considers any expenditure very carefully.
We have been described as an “incredibly lean organisation” by a financial controller.
Our priority will always be to spend as much as possible helping animals through both undercover investigations and cost-effective, results-driven campaigning.

How the donations are spent

Last year, for every £1 we raised, around 88p was available directly for our campaigns and investigations.

All donations directly support the work of Animal Justice Project. You can rest assured that your donations will go to the very heart of what we do - help animals most in need. Below is our spending breakdown by area.
Below is our spending breakdown by area.


In 2022, 67% of our income was spent on campaigns and staff running them, 19% on our undercover work and research, and just 8.2% on operational costs.


In 2020 XX% of our income was spent on campaigns, XXX on investigations, and XXX both campaigns and staff running them. Just XXX was spend on overheads and just XXX on retained funds.

We spent XX on Expired campaign and investigations, XX on The Foul Truth, XX on Scammed! and XX on Exposed: Cost of a Pandemic campaign.

Financial History

Read Animal Justice Project’s reports and watch our Year in Review videos.

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