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For more than eight years, Animal Justice Project has been exposing and ending animal cruelty and exploitation, in farms and laboratories. At the same time, the team works tirelessly to improve the welfare of animals still trapped within these systems.
“We appreciate Animal Justice Project’s rights-based angle and think it makes them a great complement to the many mainstream organisations that take a more moderate stance.” – Animal Charity Evaluators
Abel & Cole and Planet Organic DROP Bath Soft Cheese organic dairy farm following our ground-breaking investigation!
Our Gressingham Foods petition demanding action from Crown Prosecution Service reached 71,000+ signatures!


1.2 billion land animals are killed for meat each year in the UK

1.1 billion


40 million

laying hens

14.9 million

sheep and lambs

14 million


11 million

ducks and geese

10.6 million


2.8 million


21 thousand


UK firsts

Conducted our first ever investigation into the beef industry, a UK first too

Filmed for the first time the boiling of pigs alive in a UK slaughterhouse

Had an undercover investigation inside an abattoir spoken about in Parliament by MP

Revealed in a UK-first, the separation of cows and calves on an organic, multi-award winning dairy farm

Hired legal firm, Advocates for Animals, to ensure any breaches in legislation on farm and in abattoirs are dealt with

Held the first ever demonstration outside the industry National Egg & Poultry Awards event in central London (and we also took “Lucy” our 6-ft prop chicken)

A bit about us


Over 150 mentions in media outlets including The Times, Mail Online, MSN News, BBC, ITV, Independent, The Mirror and The Ecologist.

Exposed the horrendous suffering of ducks in a comprehensive video on duck farming and slaughter at Gressingham Foods narrated and shared by Evanna Lynch.

Uncovered the sad trade in ‘reject’ bull calves via two dealers collecting calves from dairies and livestock markets using specialised filming techniques to follow vehicles and film at multiple sites including the slaughterhouse.

Illustrated the complete failure of UK government to prevent abuse and suffering inside UK slaughterhouses, and the failure of CCTV as well as government-appointed veterinarians in The Times newspaper.

Documented ducks on farms forced to live in filthy sheds without any water to swim or even bathe in.

Revealed terrified bulls trying to escape being beaten with electric goads for 40 minutes inside a Chester-based abattoir.


Animal Justice Project hosts street and online actions. We amplify the voices of activists for animal liberation.

High-impact demonstrations on high streets, a farm, a livestock market, milk processor Head Office and an abattoir.

Over 1,000 people took online actions and signed our petition urging Abel & Cole and Planet Organic drop Bath Soft Cheese dairy following our investigation.

Sent a successful objection to Rushcliffe Borough Council regarding proposed plans to build a new rabbit farm and slaughterhouse.

BBC prime-time news talking about and showing footage on the trading and killing of calves.

Celebrity supporters backing our campaigns and reaching even more people.

Giving chickens a new chance at life through our ‘Meet the Cluckers’ adoption scheme.

Partnered with other non-profits on the Plant Based Treaty campaign.

Influenced policymakers to vote against The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

71,000+ signatures on our Gressingham Foods petition.

2 million people saw our digital ad van and billboards about free-range chicken farming.

5,000+ people targeting milk processor, Müller urging them to change their bull calf policy.

'Motherless Day' leaflets distributed nationwide on the separation of dairy cows and calves.

Twenty seven giant digital billboards across the North of England and Scotland.

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