Are you celebrating your birthday soon?

Firstly, Happy Birthday to you! Secondly, how about setting up a Facebook fundraiser for Animal Justice Project?

Did you know that over the past 20 months, over £2,500 has been contributed to our work through Facebook fundraisers? By asking your family and friends to donate to a cause you love in lieu of birthday or anniversary gifts, together you are helping to end animal exploitation (and what better gift than that)!

What’s more, most people tend to have around 300 friends on Facebook. If each of those friends donates just £1-2, think of the huge difference it would make to the work we can do!

This is a quick and easy way to help us continue our work and secure a safe and peaceful future for the animals.

Sounds good?

Here's how:
1 Log into your Facebook account
2 On the left-hand side of your profile, click 'Fundraisers'
3 Click 'Raise Money'
4 Click 'Charity' & type 'Animal Justice Project'
5 Enter the amount of money you want to raise. Create!
start now

That's it! Whilst you enjoy cake and cards, you'll be helping to raise much needed funds to benefit our non-human friends.

You can, of course, set fundraisers up for other occasions, or just because you feel like helping us out!

Need some fundraising tips?

We are here to help:
1 Ask friends and family to donate the cost of a coffee.
2 Loved ones working from home now? Ask them to donate the cost of their bus or train ticket.
3 Ask each of your friends to donate just £1 and tell them how much that would add up to!
4 Remember to keep sharing your fundraiser, and thank your loved ones for their support.

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