Need some inspiration? Check out our ideas below!


Coffee Morning

A coffee morning is a lovely way to catch up with friends and family that you have not seen in person for a while. Who doesn’t love a bit of cake (vegan of course!)? You could play some games or just gather round for a good natter.

Vegan Cake Sale

There’s a reason we say, “sells like hot cakes”. Cakes definitely do sell. With just a pinch of decoration and some delicious homemade cakes, you’ll be raising money for animals in no time!

Happy Hour

Invite all your friends to a happy hour! If you have lots of alumni you are still friendly with, send out invitations for a happy hour! Make sure that the word is spread as far and wide as possible. Since the pub that you choose as the venue will see increased sales for the chosen evening, you could ask them for a sponsorship. If the gathering is small, it is a good idea to ask for donations from attendees as well. If it is a large one, sell tickets and hold a raffle to raise funds!

Networking Lunch

Bringing together a group of alumni for a dinner or lunch gives you the opportunity to ask for donations. Make it an interesting affair and pull in more people by inviting an interesting speaker to address the group.


5-a-Side Football Tournament

Coordinating a tournament will take a bit of work, but the outcome can be great. It’s a fun day for all involved, pulls together a large community of people, and can raise some great money. Get a trophy for the winning team and arrange for there to be space to play.

Extreme Sports

For those who would like to push themselves out of their comfort zone, consider abseiling, bungee jumping or skydiving for sponsorship!

Running, Cycling or Walking

Arrange to do a challenging run, cycle or walk and raise sponsorship for each kilometre, mile or step you take.

Darts Match

All you need is a dart board, darts, some space and players willing to donate an entry fee. You may find these at a local pub, which might be willing to sponsor the event, as it's likely to help with drink sales, too. Or, if you find your own location, you could raise further funds by charging for drinks.

Dancing Lessons

Within your social circle and beyond, there are bound to be some people who like to put their boogie shoes on. Rope them in for instructing, sell some tickets, and let the learners mingle with the dancers. Charge a registration or a lesson free from the learners, and voila!


Gaming Tournament

Gaming is a great way to stay in contact with friends. Set up a gaming tournament, and ask for donations to join in or place bets. You’ll be raising money and having a great time, too!

Pub Quiz

Everyone loves a pub quiz! Invite friends and family to an in-person or virtual zoom quiz. Either host and ask all the questions, or invite each group to write a round. Don’t forget the picture and music questions!

Vegan Bake-Off

Kids will love to help you with a bake-off competition! Challenge friends to bake something vegan, and ask them to donate to enter and buy each others’ bakes. Share the finished creations and everyone can judge who has won. Don’t forget to set a show-stopper theme!

Guess the Baby Photo

Willing participants pay an entry fee and bring a photo into work of themselves as a baby. Everyone taking part then tries to guess who each baby grew up to be. The person who guesses the most matches correctly wins. It’s amazing and very funny just how different (or similar) our baby selves were!

Vegan Come Dine With Me

Everyone has seen the TV programme, so why not invite a group of friends to set themselves against each other in a Vegan Come Dine With Me competition? Find four groups of four to compete, with everyone putting in £25. The winner from each group of four then plays in a grand final with the winner receiving £100 and the rest being donated. Participants can create a blog and give weekly updates on the competition, including photos and any kitchen disasters or triumphs!



All you have to do is rent a karaoke machine and hold a fundraising event in a local pub, or even in your garden! Sell tickets for people to enter the contest, and have a great time whilst fundraising.

Film Night

Organise a location, get a projector, and have a movie night! Fundraise via entry donations and by selling movie snacks: popcorn, sweets and drinks.

Charity Auction

Ask local businesses to make donations; arrange a lot of goodies, a venue, sell tickets, get refreshments in place, and auction away! This idea will be slightly more time consuming, but when you see the amount of donations that pour in, it will certainly be worth the extra effort.

Non-uniform Day

If you have to wear a uniform to school or work, you can approach whoever is in charge and ask to have a day where everyone can wear what they like. Each person who does this will pay a small fee.


Swap Shop

Organise an event, where people can come along and swap things that they no longer use – clothes, books, appliances – whatever you can imagine. Collect donations in return.

Jewellery Sale

Involve your neighbours, friends, and family – everyone you can – and ask them to donate old jewellery that they no longer wear. You will hopefully get some stunning pieces which you can sell at a car boot sale or auction. And don’t just sell the jewellery as you get it! Package it well, and make it look like new!

Bring and Buy Sale

Gather enough sellable items from your attic and donations from friends and family to put on a sale. You could also invite other people to set up a stall at a minimal charge.

Book Sale

Ask your school, family, neighbours and friends to donate books that they no longer read. These can then be sold to raise funds!

Car Washing and Lawn Mowing

Grab some volunteers and go door-to-door along your street. Offer to wash cars or mow lawns for a reasonable charge, and you will raise money. You could also create flyers in advance!

Christmas Carols

Singing Christmas carols to raise funds for charity and spread the Christmas cheer is a long-standing tradition.

Dog Walking

Talk to your neighbours and see who you can help for a small donation. As well as fundraising, you will be helping out your neighbours and getting to hang out with their dogs! It’s also a great chance to foster community relations, catch up or meet new people.

Sell Your Skills

The best part of this is that the activities are varied. Just convince your colleagues to stay late, or to come in early, and teach one special skill like cooking, baking, knitting, playing guitar, dancing, or whatever talent you can imagine. Colleagues who wish to learn can pay a nominal fee each week, and that is the amount raised.

Plant Sale

Make sure to hold this in a season that is ideal for planting, so spring and summer mainly. You will have to plan well ahead to sow a variety of seeds, and prepare the saplings in time for sale.

Taxi Service

Raise money by asking friends and family to pay you to give them a lift, rather than a conventional taxi.


Shave Your Head

Better than shelling out some pounds on a fancy haircut is shaving your head, and getting sponsored for it! If you are a daring person you may like to go ahead with this one. Another idea is to convince somebody well-known to do this!

Sponsored Outfit

Let people choose what outfit you wear for a day – or any length of time. For this privilege, they will pay a sponsorship fee, which is how you raise funds.


This one you can do at work as well as at home, but make sure that you have supporting people around you beforehand. Every time someone does something that is not eco-friendly (e.g. leaving the lights/computer on, leaving the taps running, unnecessarily printing emails, using fresh paper for rough drafts) you could charge them a small fine, which you can then donate at the end of the month.

Swear Box

Similar to eco-fines, but raising money whilst encouraging less swearing! Ask for a donation every time someone swears, and place it in a publicly viewable box for extra encouragement. Try it at work or at home, any place where people regularly congregate.

Battle of the Bands

Not only does this idea raise funds in an interesting way, but it also gives a chance for local artists to present their talent to the public. Since so many groups of people are involved, it is easy to get more sponsorship. All you need to do is make arrangements for a venue and logistics and you are good to go. The tickets, along with donations, will raise funds.

Collection Box

It’s like an individual, family or community piggy bank! Just devote a donation box, and keep making donations every time you come across some spare change in your pocket.

Sponsored Silence

Ask your friends, family or teachers to sponsor an hour or more of silence. If you usually make a lot of noise, people may be more than willing to do so!

Renounce a Vice

It might be alcohol, smoking, junk food, or whatever else you think is bad for you. Ask the people of your community to sponsor you, and the ones who are with you in this, to renounce a vice of their own. You could have one sponsor each day for giving your vice up for a certain period.

Matched Giving

Fundraise a sum of money through another fundraising idea and arrange for a company to match whatever sum you raise. This doubles the amount that you would have ended with! The company will get increased exposure as well as helping a great cause.

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