With thanks to all sanctuaries who support the work of Animal Justice Project, in our fight for animal rights

“For a small independent animal sanctuary like Charlie's Place, it is fantastic to have the backing of an organisation like Animal Justice Project, an organisation that is totally focussed on both the immediate and future rights of animals. The importance of the work carried out by Animal Justice Project cannot be overstated.”
Claire and Wil, founders, Charlie’s Place, Derbyshire
“Whenever farming is driven by economics at the expense of animal welfare, whilst we have poor welfare standards, weak and underfunded regulators and authorities that fail to act, whilst we have a media that portrays a fairy-tale life for animals on farms, we will always need organisations like Animal Justice Project fighting for animal rights. The public need AJP to hold those to account for their failures and to educate the public about the true reality of modern farming and the suffering of animals, and that's why we support the great work they carry out.”
Beth and Jon, founders, Brinsley Animal Rescue, Nottingham
“Home in the Hills Animal Sanctuary provides a safe forever home for, primarily, ex-commercial farm animals.  Our aim is to enable our fellow beings to live out their lives with as much freedom and as naturally as is possible.  We fully support the vital work being done by Animal Justice Project.  It fits wholeheartedly with our own values, wishes and our dream of seeing a world which truly values and respects every being, not just human beings; not from the point of view of commercial gain but because every being is inherently valuable in and of themselves.  Thank you, Animal Justice Project,  here’s to your, and our, ultimate success.”
Rach Hargrave, founder, Home in the Hills, Gwynedd

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