Mother’s Day for some. Motherless Day for others.

MOTHERLESS DAY: A dairy calf’s life. A dairy cow’s loss.

Mother’s Day is a time where we celebrate the mother-child relationship and spend time together, appreciating what we have. But some mothers are not that lucky and nor are their babies. Dairy cows undergo nine months of pregnancy, just like we do. Instead of enjoying their newborn, their baby is ripped from them, never to be seen again. These mothers are helpless…

Mother’s Day for some. Motherless Day for others.

We are focusing on the dairy industry on this special day to highlight the plight of dairy cows undergoing psychological torment, day in, day out. From the moment a baby is born and stolen from their mother, they are exploited for human gain. At 15 months old, a cow is artificially inseminated so she gives birth on her second birthday. Just as she was taken from her mother, the baby will be taken from her. She will be milked two or three times a day in the following months as well as being artificially inseminated again. She will be entered into a heartbreaking, malicious cycle of exploitation. After several years, and several babies, her body is exhausted. She will become “spent” – which means she is no longer profitable. She is then killed.

Dairy cows live miserable lives full of heartbreak and sorrow. All are slaughtered. The dairy industry feeds into the meat industry. Dairy is NOT a harmless product.

We have a brand-new short film to highlight ‘A Dairy Calf’s Life’. Watch it here:

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This is going to be an incredibly effective weekend of action in three cities across the UK. Attend, invite, share, donate! Thank you!


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