Our impactful work for animals in 2022 including undercover investigations, direct action and street outreach.

What an impactful year 2022 was! I am incredibly proud of the work that we achieved last year, with millions of people reached through our undercover investigations, national days of action, targeted direct action and street outreach. I wanted to share some of my personal highlights for the year with you as it is our supporters like yourself that keeps Animal Justice Project going and maintains our dedication for helping animals.

Let's take a look...

'71K' props used to hand-in our CPS petition


We handed in our petition to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after over 71,000 people signed it! Our stunning props, by artist Verna Poppy, made for a visually-pleasing petition hand-in! The sheer lack of action by the government will continue to ramp up our action against the barbaric duck industry.


Thousands of people were reached through the launch of our 'Down with Duck Farming' billboards, following an Open Letter signed by over 40 experts, celebrities, NGOs and animal sanctuaries. 'Go vegan for duck's sake!' billboards wererolled out across four major cities


Over 20 groups across England and Scotland joined our Dairy Still Kills National Day of Action, handing out thousands of free samples of delicious, dairy-free foods.

A stunning photograph of the National Beef Association beef expo stunt and direct action


Dozens of media outlets covered our stunning direct action at the National Beef Association's Beef Expo. Six months post-action, all arrestees have had their charges dropped which is a fantastic result! The 'beef' industry now knows that they cannot continue exploiting animals without us defending the rights of animals.


Our Delamere Dairy undercover investigation highlighted a horrific, hidden part of the goat dairy industry: the killing of day-old kids. We captured this on camera for the first time in the UK and sincerely hope that this shows consumers theviolent side to an industry that is often marketed as a 'better' option tocow dairy.


We went on a four-city tour in Oxford, Reading, Swindon and Southampton where we handed out over 10kg of plant-based chick'n samples. Dozens of dedicated activists joined us and through sponsored YouTube adverts, we reached half a million people showing them the devastating 'Off the Scales' impact of chicken farming.

Activists and chicken mascot Lucy giving out leaflets and free food samples


We launched our brand-new 'Lives Not Stock' campaign with the release of our RSPCA Assured transport undercover investigation. Exposing NINE farms, we have yet again showed that RSPCA Assured is another welfare label with no real meaning and the only way that we can help animals is by being vegan.


Millions of people were reached through national press as we climbed DEFRA in Central London! Our message was clear: bird flu is our next pandemic and the government must act now by ending animal agriculture. Three activists were arrested and we will update you as the police investigation progresses.

I am so proud of the work that you helped us achievethroughout 2022 and 2023 is going to be another impactful year for animals.

As always,

For the animals.

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