More than one billion chickens are raised and killed annually in the UK alone.

Let’s start at the beginning. Did you know? Chickens are the most abundant farm animal on the planet and the most numerous bird out of any others? Since the industrialisation and intensification of animal agriculture, chickens have become the most exploited and abused animals to be farmed by people. More than one billion chickens are raised and killed annually in the UK alone, with an estimated 50 billion killed worldwide. Every one of those 50 billion is an individual. A chicken with a distinct personality. With personal likes and dislikes, quirky behaviours and, most of all, a want to be happy and free.

Chicken farms in 2019 are more like warehouses. Warehouses filled with tens of thousands of chickens, so crowded they can barely take a few steps. That is if they are not already lame from the weight of their oversized bodies. In just six weeks, babies go from small fluffy chicks to overgrown lame chickens with a plethora of health issues. Their lives are short and full of pain and misery.

The same can be said for so-called ‘higher welfare’ and ‘free range’ broiler chickens. Our recent extensive three-month investigation into ‘free range’ chickens shone a light on the distress and abuse that these chickens face everyday. Labels such as RSPCA Assured and Red Tractor do not protect these chickens. They simply protect the conscience of the person buying their dead bodies in the supermarket. You can find out more about what we found here.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Three lucky Cluckers were saved from the grip of imminent slaughter as they fled to safety. Meet Fleur, Basil and Rosie: three chickens who were found on the side of the road – a route that is common for slaughterhouse trucks. Fate had other plans for them! They were scooped up and taken to a sanctuary, and are now surrounded by compassion and love. These babies are now safe. They will never be exploited again and they can live out their lives being spoiled rotten! Check out their rescue day below!

Fleur, Basil and Rosie will help us show people that chickens are intelligent, emotional and individual. Three characteristics that modern-day factory farms have taken away from chickens. This industry wants us to believe these birds do not have feelings or an ounce of intelligence. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Our rescued babies will show people that they are no different to a dog, a cat, a cow or a pig. Chickens deserve love and respect just like any other animal, and these lucky Cluckers will be mascots and a face for the industry’s myths!

Help us expose the truth behind these cruel and abusive industries by SPONSORING Fleur, Basil and Rosie today. Join the Cluckers crew! We will keep everyone updated about their progress and new life at the sanctuary with weekly episodes launching on our social media! You can get these directly emailed to you by signing up to our newsletter below.

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