In June, our team packed our bags and went on one of our biggest tours to date!
In June, our team packed our bags and went on one of our biggest tours to date!

During our visit to Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, our team handed out over 400 free vegan chicken burgers to the public. Our stunning billboards also debuted in major cities across the UK, where they were seen by 1.73 MILLION people! Our Change for Chickens tour was a HUGE success.

To take our message even further, we launched Change for Chickens advertisements across social media too. By the time our tour came to an end, our vegan message had reached over TWO MILLION consumers.

Equipped with our Change for Chickens leaflets, our delicious plant-based chicken burgers and our 6ft broiler chicken prop Lucy, our team set out to share the truth about ‘higher welfare’ and ‘free-range’ chicken farming. Through having these life-changing conversations with real consumers, our team made them question whether they could morally continue eating and harming innocent chickens. We’re pleased to say that we had plenty of positive conversations and that our plant-based chicken was a hit!

In 2019, Animal Justice Project investigated a ‘higher welfare’, ‘free-range’ and RSPCA Assured chicken farm. Our findings were shocking and heartbreaking.

During our investigation, workers were caught on camera treading on young chickens and throwing them from crates onto the hard floor. In a single week of our filming, we documented the deaths of 500 baby birds. Birds that survived their first few weeks of life suffered from agonising lameness, caused by their excessive weight. Their breasts were bare and blistering from the strong ammonia inside the shed. Many birds suffered for hours, and even days, at a time, while workers failed to carry out essential welfare checks. This is the reality of ‘higher welfare’, ‘free-range’ chicken farming. This is The Foul Truth.

We knew that the public would be appalled by our findings, however, many consumers are under the illusion that ‘higher welfare’ farms protect birds from abuse. Public outreach was the best way to get our findings to the masses, and YOU made this possible.

We are delighted to share the news that we hit our fundraising target for our Change for Chickens tour! You helped us to raise £2,000 to cover the costs of our plant-based food, eye-catching billboards and more. Thanks to your support, we were able to share The Foul Truth with real consumers, who make choices to help or harm animals every day. From our small team at Animal Justice Project, we would like to say a MASSIVE thank you. We would also like to say thank you to the amazing activists who kindly joined us in each city to support our outreach.

If you’re impressed by our latest action, please become a regular donor today. Monthly donations help us to plan our future investigations and events, so that we can make the most of our limited resources. With your support, we can continue to help the public make the connection and transition to a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. Thank you.

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