EXPOSED A5 Fold-out Leaflets


EXPOSED A5 Fold-out Leaflets

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Pandemics caused by zoonotic diseases can cause unimaginable upheaval and suffering. The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed existing problems in our system and how the UK government props up industries which profit from animal exploitation.

The time for change is NOW. With desperate pleas coming from many animal-exploiting sectors, we must pressure the government to hand over funding only to industries willing to transition to less-destructive and kinder productions. We must demand an end to animal exploitation by corporations and push for innovative and environmentally-conscious plant-based farming. It has never been more urgent for us to demand whole system change and a move away from traditional abusive and violent cycles. People and animals are dying by the millions. We must act NOW!

Our Exposed leaflets will help educate the public on the links between animal exploitation and pandemics and outline the urgent need for whole system change.

Our leaflets come in bundles of 50.

See EXPOSED: The Cost of a Pandemic to find out more and to download our factsheet!

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EXPOSED A5 Fold-out Leaflets

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