Animal Justice Project activists took to Daventry this weekend for the second time to take over Berryfields Farm

Animal Justice Project activists took to Daventry this weekend for the second time to take over Berryfields Farm – an abusive beef ‘mega farm’ that we filmed at during our five-month undercover EXPIRED investigation, which was featured in the the Daily Mail and The Times.

Our findings were shocking and heartbreaking. Here at Animal Justice Project, we believe we cannot stand by whilst animal abusers get away with beating, kicking, punching and neglecting individuals. And you agreed!

At our first protest – September 5 – outside Berryfields Farm in Daventry, Northamptonshire, we had over 60 activists turn up to speak out against this abusive facility. At our follow-up protest, just three weeks later – September 26 – we had over 40 activists attend.

Farm owner, John Bell, has yet to take any responsibility for the abuse that took place on his farm, and many times in front of his very eyes. He has denied any wrong-doings to media outlets and has shifted all blame onto a ‘third-party contractor’.

We filmed many times where painfully lame individuals who had severely overgrown hooves walked by John Bell and he simply looked on. The abuse took place in front of him and he ignored their desperate pleas. We are here to demand justice!

The major source for the calves who enter this farm is via calf traders and the dairy industry. The bull calves, who are a ‘by-product’ of the dairy industry, fuel the beef industry. These two sectors are heavily reliant on one another and would likely be unable to successfully continue without this current integrated system. 50-60% of the current British beef herd is made up of calves who originated from dairy farms. It is crucial that this information gets out there as it is relatively unknown among both members of the public and fellow animal rights activists. This needs emphasising to vegetarians too.

We are hugely grateful to everyone who has joined us at our protests, shared our content via email and social media, as well as signing our petition.

With our investigation and the incredible efforts of activists around the country, we can confirm that Berryfields no longer have any links either directly or indirectly with: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Wetherspoons, Co-op and Lidl.

We are going to continue to keep up the pressure on Berryfields and all of their associates, including supermarkets, Red Tractor and slaughterhouses. We will get justice for these individuals.

As always,

For the animals.

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