Activists in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and Cardiff have taken to the streets

Activists in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and Cardiff have taken to the streets to help end animal exploitation bailouts. Using our Cost of a Pandemic posters and wheat paste tutorial, activists plastered key locations to encourage the public to change their diets to prevent future pandemics.

As many regions prepare to enter a second UK lockdown, the need to recognise the link between zoonotic disease and animal agriculture has never been greater. Cramped living conditions, intensive breeding and unhygienic farms and slaughterhouses provide the perfect environment for deadly diseases to develop. Animal exploitation – animal agriculture and aquaculture, the fishing industry and wild animal consumption – is the greatest cause of pandemics and epidemics.

This year alone the government has given £10 million to the fishing industry, following a market crash caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The dairy industry has been bailed out to great lengths, with each dairy farmer receiving £10,000 in compensation for the lack of demand for dairy products during lockdown. Furthermore, a £1 million campaign to boost dairy consumption was launched earlier this year. In addition to exploiting animals through these industries, the government is also exploiting the public by misusing vital taxpayer money to prop up the oppressive systems that caused the current pandemic. With every pound spent, the government is funding the next pandemic.

We will continue to pressure the government to end exploitative bailouts in favour of sustainable plant-based initiatives. This crucial change is in the interest of animal rights, environmental protection and human health.

If you want to join us in exposing animal agriculture, you can download our informative Cost of a Pandemic posters here. If you are a local group wanting to have an even greater impact, email us at for information on sourcing larger posters. Finally, you can help by sending our pre-written letter here, asking the government to take immediate action to prioritise plant-based farming systems. Almost 4,000 letters have been sent so far!

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For the animals.

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